With advancement of censors, internet, microprocessors and data storage, the automation has now reached to the new level where it is adding value from commercial consumption, where industries like healthcare using this omnipresent computing, to individual household where the optimised household energy consumption, automated cars, smart home appliance have given new paradigm to the consumer behaviours.

KAS has a primary focus on building technology based on IoT. We have been betting on the development of IoT based applications and censors that are capable to address the unique challenges the businesses are facing and help them exceed the needs of the market. KAS has been constantly developing various solutions for Retail, Healthcare and Logistics domain.

Omni-channel solution for Logistics and Freight Movement

KAS has developed an IoT based integrated solution which automates the in-land freight movement right from booking to delivery. The solution caters to managing the freight forwarders, road transport operations, automatic toll payments, freight tracking, freight tempering etc.

Omni-Channel Retail Solution

With the advancement in the technology in the last decade and COVID-19 pandemic, the major share of the retail has moved online leaving the brick mortar retail business to bleed. To help them provide a competition to the e-commerce business, KAS has developed a solution which make the Brick-and -mortar business smart. 

The solution uses mobile application and IoT devices integration of which identifies the potential customer, the moment he/she comes in its vicinity, the device starts transmitting the customised offerings to the customer based on his/her profile, browsing, and buying pattern. The idea is to provide the seamless experience to the end consumer right from getting the customised offer to the payment without having any interaction with the store managers.

Integrated Solution for BFSI to improve customer engagement

The major challenge the BFSI business faces is to target the right offer to the right customer at the right time and thus fails to target customers with the highest propensity for cross selling their products. Many of the banking institutions rely on instincts or simple matrices while looking for the profitable target segments. Another major challenge that the organizations face is in converting the walk-in customers into potential opportunities for the other set of products.

To address these pressing issues, KAS developed an IoT based integrated solution which is integrated with the bank’s mobile application which helps in Segmenting potential customer for the identified product-line based on attributes like purchasing history, spending power, financial health, household investments, financial portfolios. It also Customizes product bouquet for Up-Sell/Cross-Cell based on the predictions and prescriptions and collaborates with partner merchant for personalizing the in-store offers.

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