At KAS we relentlessly look for opportunities and ideas where technology and analytics is used to create environment a better place to live in. The solutions that we develop come up with a primary objective to not only improve the quality of life of the end consumers but also change the way we look at the environment around us, especially during this pandemic period.

Customer social behaviour standards have undoubtedly changed and as a result, expectations have escalated many folds. With the demand to ask for more and promptly has given birth to enormous opportunities that KAS wants to derive from analytics in its domain of expertise which can help in driving positive outcomes for the customers, while still maintaining and facilitating the highest level of relevance.

Our R&D expert team in Big Data and Analytics has been using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, AWS, Big Data and Hadoop methodologies and tools to create industry disruptive, path breaking solutions the synopsis of which are explained below.

Image Classification based Healthcare solution

One of the major obstacles in the healthcare domain is inability to prompt diagnosis of the critical illness in real-time. The existing process in place substantial amount of time from test to report. The diagnosis of Covid-19 pandemic using HRCT usually takes 24 hours in a normal scenario and 4 to 6 days to report during crisis which we experienced during wave two of the pandemic in the county.

With this solution, prediction of the possibility of person being infected with the disease will be instant and required treatment can be initiated quickly which may save lots of precious lives.

Demand Forecasting for utilities sector using Machine Learning 

Majority of Utilities industries are dependent on having an accurate consumer demand understanding of the consumption of the product for the defined period. Not having this clarity puts these organizations into tremendous financial and social stress.

KAS has developed a solution which not only addresses the underlying problem but also optimizes the demand forecast by knowing the cheapest and better natural sources available. The solution also helps in reducing the carbon footprint and focus on renewable energy source.

Computer Vision based Governance Solution

Monitoring Compliance is at the highest priority of concern for the organizations engaged in manufacturing and construction domain where heavy machineries and load lifting is being done. Any unfortunate incident could lead to the serious threat to the life of the people working in such conditions and thus the employees need to adhere to safety compliance guidelines all the time while operating in the premise. However, there have still been incidents reported where there were loss of life and property at such locations.

In most incidents, the data shows that most of the loss of life has happened because of violation of the compliances. These organizations are in dire need of a real-time solution which can help them curb this threat.

KAS has developed an ML based solution which identify, mark and penalize the offenders in real-time.

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