One of the major side effects that industrialization has brought to the mankind is the pollution around us. With the emission of harmful gases at the very high quantity by the mechanical machines it has almost become impossible to breathe a clean air around us and has seriously impacted the human anatomy. With the rising gases of diseases like asthma, lung cancer, chronic cardiovascular and heart disease etc. While governments across the world are working tirelessly to curb the pollution around us, it becomes responsibility of us humans as well to identify and take necessary measures to address this serious threat and to address this it us urgent for every individual to be aware the environment around us all the time and this as become easier with the advancement of science and technology around us. 

One of the very founding principle that KAS has been built is to contribute to well-being of the society. We at KAS are developing and IoT based Intellectual Property which will help make aware an individual about the weather and environmental conditions at a very granular level. With this solution in place, not only the individual will be informed about the conditions around him/her but also help institutions to understand the real time air quality and will help them take necessary measures to curb, manage and cure these hazardous emission around us and implement sturdy governance around it.

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