Utilities organizations operating in power and natural resources sector are facing challenges because of the evolving environmental conditions. Due of the urgent and alarming environmental concerns, it has forced the authorities across the globe to have stringent regulations in place and are stressing the companies to focus on more environment friendly and renewable resources. 

This has built enormous stress on these organizations which are heavily dependent on these natural resources. With these regulations at one hand and fierce competitive environment another, it has become important for the utilities companies to explore new, innovative, optimised and game changing ideas which can help meet the customers requirement who are expecting seamless, personalized interactions over their channel of choice, and cost pressures are increasingly pushing utilities providers to offer services at the lowest rate possible. 

KAS helps these organizations to not only meet but conquer these obstacles to success with the help of Digital Intelligence. We empower these organizations by helping them position analytics into their system and enable them to constantly explore smart ways that can provide deep insights into their customer journeys. We provide our services to automate processes to enhance their productivity and cost efficiencies into their existing operating models and help them accomplish their objectives.

  • Market Research
  • Digital Transformation
  • Consulting & Services
  • Multivariate Analysis- Implementing complex statistical analysis techniques such as Principal Component Analysis, Factor Analysis, Clustering techniques to provide insights into specific client research issues.
  • Scrutinising a client’s perspectives, attitudes, requirement, and desires to augment customer service leading to their overall satisfaction
  • Benchmarking analysis on key performance indicators such as cost, schedule, and service
  • Our rich experience in cutting-edge technologies such as big data and analytics, IoT, and wearables enable us to drive innovation, introduce disruptive solutions, and come with a cohesive strategy that incorporates our clients’ business objective, operational excellence, capabilities, and experiences.
  • We help gain new business insights and optimize processes by analysing large data sets.
  • Consistently deliver quantifiable results for electric, gas and water utility clients.
  • enhancing and integrating Management Information Systems
  • integrating and developing applications and utility-specific solutions.

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