Transport and Logistics

With the changing global business needs and advancements in the technologies, there has been a paradigm shift in the way the goods transportation and supply chain management both in domestic and international markets. Organizations today are spending huge time and money to find ways in optimizing, automating, digitising, and augmenting the supply chain process.

We at KAS believe that any problem can be quantified and analysed at its lowest level of granularity and the data that has been generated by this process can help us tell the stories about that entity in focus. We strongly believe that answer to any question in the world can be identified by analysing the data that has been derived to address the underlying problem. Transport and Logistics domain is one of the primary sectors which has been generating the tremendous data since history, but this data has not been used to the potential which cab address the underlying issues merely by applying analysis to it. 

KAS work tirelessly with our clients across the value chain of their transport and logistics business where the data and the analytics play the crucial role to the highest possible accuracy in addressing many of the pressing issues. Our bouquet of service provides our customers the required information, guidance, and strategies to implement optimization across distribution network, supply chain mapping and many more business-critical functions. Our Logistics Consultancy team has in-depth knowledge and experience in building and executing supply chain solutions for multiple industries. The idea that is a primary DNA of KAS is to customised solutions and services for our clients’ requirements and set examples by enhancing our client’s logistics efficiencies.

  • Market Research
  • Consulting and Service
  • Products
  • Multivariate Analysis- Implementing complex statistical analysis techniques such as Principal Component Analysis, Factor Analysis, Clustering techniques to provide insights into specific client research issues.
  • Scrutinising a client’s perspectives, attitudes, requirement, and desires to augment customer service leading to their overall satisfaction
  • Benchmarking analysis on key performance indicators such as cost, schedule, and service
  • Fleet and network optimization us various optimization techniques
  • IT Solutions, Analytics services, and Business Intelligence
  • Corporate and Business Growth
  • Performance Improvement and Process Design
  • An IoT based omni-channel freight movement solution that streamlines and optimises the movement of consignments by creating a virtual green corridor thereby helping organizations in saving costs on government compliances, fuel, movement control leading to faster delivery of goods at the destination.
  • Dedicated teams which are tirelessly accessing market needs, researching the competitive landscape, developing a product roadmap to build a minimum viable product
  • Constantly Exploring ideas, defining core functionalities, understanding market size and revenue which align to the strategic roadmap
  • Developing Prototypes, Formulating Proof of Concepts, analysing financial viabilities and developing Business plans

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