Retail and FMCG

Retail and FMCG are the two primary industries which are under tremendous change and fierce competition because of the two primary factors: One, because of the constant evolution of technology around us and another because of the highly demanding consumer base developed due to the limitless choice bestowed to them by the advancement of the technology, which is evolving every day at a very fast pace.

To cater to this volatile consumer behaviour the organizations need to be more agile and adaptable to technology trends and futuristic Retail solutions. There is a dire demand for these organizations to discover data-driven retail analytics insights to make their business more optimized, efficient, and successful.

We at KAS thrive to engage with retailers to define the roadmap with business objectives as the driving force. We help our clients by developing robust retail strategies, developing, and generating profitable insights from Business Analytics and forecasting solutions, developing Omni-Channel solutions. Our seasoned professionals’ partner with our clients in maximizing their profitability and achieving their efficiencies by helping them improve on their supply chain, sales density, cost of goods sold, and product prising optimization.

  • Market Research
  • Consulting & Service
  • Products
  • providing information and opportunities about the value of existing and new products
  • determining customers need and want and helping businesses design products or services that best suit them
  • Using Analytics for the businesses answer their Why? What? When? where? and How Much? Helping them to forecast their production and sales and help them in determining scenarios like optimum inventory stock.
  • Performing comparative studies for our clients to devise their business strategies that can help them stay ahead of their competitors
  • IT Strategy Roadmap – Redefining IT choices addressing the business and consumer expectations
  • Focused IT solutions – Benchmarking, application future state design and product evaluation
  • Centralised Data Structuring – Future proof data landscape and architecture delivering rich customer experience and data governance
  • Supply Chain assessment – Identifying Omnichannel solutioning, identifying process gaps, reducing bullwhip effect, designing future to improve the delivery lead time and inventory turns
  • Dedicated teams which are tirelessly accessing market needs, researching the competitive landscape, developing a product roadmap to build a minimum viable product
  • Constantly Exploring ideas, defining core functionalities, understanding market size and revenue which align to the strategic roadmap
  • Developing Prototypes, Formulating Proof of Concepts, analysing financial viabilities and developing Business plans

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