Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance sector is one of the trickiest sectors to do business in, as there is a constant pressure on the institutions operating in this domain from addressing increasing compliance and regulatory requirements, along with the global financial and market crisis, ruthless competition to catering to constantly changing customer needs while trying to create better digital customer experience.

financial institutions are engaged in a race to overcome these headwinds by leveraging the explosion of emerging technologies to drive digital transformation across their enterprises. But combining multiple technologies without creating a disjointed customer experience, whilst juggling with a lack of skilled resources and the omnipresent spectre of data security is far from easy, particularly when trying to grow top line income and keep a lid on costs.

KAS can helps its clients optimize their business model to take advantage of technologies such as cloud, Business intelligent, Visualization, process automation and many more. Our deep domain knowledge and market understanding enable us to provide unparalleled industry insight on key performance indicators evaluating them from various dimensions. These assessments provide the information for KAS to design next generation operating models and implement best in class processes to drive lasting competitive advantage for our clients.

  • Market Research
  • IT Solutions and Services
  • Consulting
  • Multivariate Analysis- Implementing complex statistical analysis techniques such as Principal Component Analysis, Factor Analysis, Clustering techniques to provide insights into specific client research issues.
  • Scrutinising a client’s perspectives, attitudes, requirement, and desires to augment customer service leading to their overall satisfaction
  • Benchmarking analysis on key performance indicators such as cost, schedule, and service
  • Product Design and Development
  • Legacy system support and Optimization
  • Understanding & Evaluating Business Problem
  • Performing Due diligence
  • Tools Stack identification
  • Cloud & Data Engineering
  • Developing & Implementing ML, DL models
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Enterprise & Market share Due diligence
  • Accessing Product/Service
  • Potential Market Analysis
  • Product/Process customization
  • Operations, products, and Go-To-Market Analysis
  • Data Quality and Data Security advisory

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