Data Engineering

Every individual in the Digital World that we are living in today, generates data in some way and form which is being consumed by the organizations with the help of sophisticated, compute hungry, advanced technology platforms which enables transformation in the society. 

We at KAS help our clients by laying down a comprehensive data strategy which ensures that the consumers have the access to the right data at right time and an adequate format to help any data-driven decision-making flourish.

Our proven industry best practices on data engineering consulting and IT services empower our customers to enable their legacy and siloed data and processes from as-is to automated pipelines or creating new pipelines based on the underlying business problems which are been developed by the seasoned professions using latest big data technologies and tools.

KAS helps its clients on big data and Data Engineering in the following space:

  • creating tailor-made pipelines for serverless data processes using cloud-based products
  • Developing environment agnostic data processes in Docker for multiple clients to implement in their respective business areas
  • Developing robust data engineering solutions extracting data from multiple sources to a centralized repository
  • Developing and deploying APIs that can help extract data from any system ranging from a simple RDBMS to data lakes to multiple data transformation layers to image or voice datasets
  • Developing Master data using Machine Learning pipelines and customized data ingestion interfaces
  • As a Big Data Engineering Service delivery, building data pipelines for automated summaries AWS infrastructure

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