Computer Vision

The anatomy of mammals is such that the vision plays the vital role in their decision making. The neurons that provide spontaneity to the reflexes of body is primarily triggered by the images that mare eyes have captured and are processed by the brain to bring that agility to the body.

With the advancement in the data storage and processing speed, it was eminent to replicate the concept of neurons and human Intelligence in the digital world. With the further innovations in the field of AI computer vision has stood out because of its capability to replicate the part of complexity of the human vision which enables computer to identify and process objects in images and videos which is like the way human brain reacts.

At KAS, our seasoned professionals help businesses in healthcare, Retail & FMCG, Logistics and BFSI domains solving their critical problems using computer vision. Our CV experts are working on several path breaking products and solutions using computer vision. Our basket of solutions and services in Computer Vision includes:

  • Multi-Object Detection Modelling technique for our retail, CPG and Logistics domains. This solution helps in enhancing the user experience in the mentioned sectors
  • Image segmentation and Classification technique can help in solving various pressing issues in the Healthcare domain. One of our solutions that we have developed predicts the probability of the disease by accessing the CT scan images
  • Real-Time Video Analytics and Face Detection- We provide omni-channel analytics roadmap for tracking a defined pattern, body language and compliance management.
  • We have developed a solution where we detect the violation of the employees not wearing the PPE kit in the premise of one of our clients operating in logistics domain
  • We provide range of services in predictive analytics using time series on images and videos. 

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