BI and Visualization

At KAS we go beyond the boundaries of conventional BI consulting through our dedication and innovative approach and deliver unparalleled quality to our clients

At KAS we have zero compromise on quality and service delivery, and we foster only the very best of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse consultants. Our uniqueness lies in delivering exceptionally outstanding solutions, consulting, and services with quick turnaround time.

We strongly believe in having partnership with our clients in their success and help them create sustainable business value through:

  • Increased governance, compliance, and accountability
  • Creating visibility on various essential parameters
  • Reducing complexity around data
  • Increased decision making by way of data telling stories
  • Identify the opportunities to set the market trends

Our optimization and automation service helps business not only achieving what is desired but to investigate the future thereby generating values on RoI by having low TCO. Through this approach we reduce risks and succeed in bringing more predictability to the entire process.

We work as catalyst in facilitating the execution of a client’s BI/DW initiatives, through low risk, high impact, short cycle, diagnostic and assessment studies. We breathe what we do and thus believe that we are well equipped to identify and define client problems, propose alternate solutions, and best practices before recommending any implementation plan which can evolve as organizations grow.

Our BI/DW champions work on a well-defined plan which includes the following key services as milestones:

  • BI readiness assessment
  • BI Tools standardization
  • Data quality
  • Data mart consolidation 
  • Dashboard assessment

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