Texas authorities Chief With One partner, Two Fiancees and a gf Arrested by Tx Rangers

By SMRC, Nov 29, 2021

Texas authorities Chief With One partner, Two Fiancees and a gf Arrested by Tx Rangers

Males find it difficult committing. Jason Collier is not one among them. In fact, he really likes dedication a great deal which he keeps a wife, two fiancees and, allegedly, one girl.

At this point, this indicates, the whole world possess been aware of three-timing (possibly four-timing) authorities fundamental dating for fitness enthusiasts Jason Collier from a Tx Panhandle town labeled as Stinnett, whoever extremely good-sized relationship blew right up in his face — and everyone else’s supply — in an epic made-for-Facebook crisis.

Stinnett is a tiny community in Hutchinson County with around 2,000 owners 60 miles northeast of Amarillo. Collier ventured far-out of their city, courting and having betrothed to ladies in different urban centers and states.

The story goes that Collier try hitched to a lady called Opal, with whom he elevated his two girls and boys as well as 2 step-children.

In November, the guy suggested to his gf, Cecily Steinmetz from Amarillo. And, one month after, he proposed to a Kansas lady called Kristi Shaffer, in accordance with comments from girls made on social media marketing and neighborhood reporters.

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The women thought both are in a monogamous union until their fancy quadrangle got learned, definitely, on Twitter.

Collier went the Stinnett Police Department’s myspace web page (which now appears to be power down); one of his true fiancees, Shaffer, leftover some comments regarding the page. One of Steinmetz’s pals watched Shaffer’s responses and noticed Collier within her visibility photo. She creeped Shaffer’s profile and found Shaffer was also interested to this lady friend’s fiance.

Steinmetz generated a community post on the own webpage relaying the ways she’d become duped by Collier.

“Chief Jason Collier produced his method into living, living of my children and group,” the article reads. “. Works out, I’m maybe not the only one. The guy comes with a girlfriend in Kansas who he in addition had questioned to wed your. This, PLUS a wife in the home the guy states has divided within 2016 and annulled.”

Shaffer answered to Steinmetz and the two compared stories and screenshots while uncovering Collier’s discrepancies within his correspondence with both ladies. Collier, in accordance with the women’s trade, constantly lied about their whereabouts and information on his lifestyle, like having a disabled cousin, a side tasks where the guy policed out-of-town activities such as protests and a gunshot injuries suffered during the line of obligation.

Among the many circumstances we read through the blog post is the fact that the antique Collier, an ordained minister, wished to render truthful girls of their girlfriends by asking all of their fathers for their girl’ palms before proposing.

Their own whole exchange unfolded in front of an online readers, and Collier’s facts made intercontinental headlines.

One of the greatest accusations from Steinmetz was actually that Collier sent her a data (a photograph that she uploaded web) appearing to be a marriage annulment between Collier and OG spouse Opal.

Initially, Collier ended up being reportedly positioned on administrative allow.

On Tuesday, Tx Division of People Security Sgt. Cindy Barkley mentioned that the Hutchinson region District attorneys have requested the Tx Rangers to conduct an investigation about Collier’s alleged forgery of national records.

“Collier presumably delivered a text message toward victim with a deceptive authorities record attached. The data got a fraudulent matrimony annulment,” Barkley said.

The town of Stinnett given its own myspace article on Thursday expressing they’d approved Collier’s resignation, adding: “Per area rules we no feedback about their personal issues.”

On the same day, Collier had been detained by the Tx Rangers, charged with tampering with a federal government document with all the purpose to defraud, circumstances felony, with a bail set at $10,000, Barkley stated.

After TB frequent Information published the storyline of Collier’s unknowing sis wives, a 4th woman, Katie Berry Carter from Abilene, arrived forward online stating she has also been romantically involved in Collier.

“So, I’m one of his true girls, seemingly,” Berry Carter blogged on Facebook. “We started discussing four weeks ago. The guy found read me personally in Abilene the weekend with the 15th. Said he was on project last weekend in Oregon.”

Three days in the past, Steinmetz mentioned on her own profile image, where she’s seen smiling with Collier: “Oh hi . should be certain that common buddies don’t see the WIFE.” Since that time, her image happens to be discussed 93,000 period.

Steinmetz after shared a video clip she was given from Collier in which the guy known as themselves “the greatest little bit of shit.”

Collier’s entanglements has caused size attraction online. Disregard the Gamestop stock people, and let us seek Collier’s economic guidance — how exactly does a small-town policeman with girls and boys to give find a way to afford this sort of travel energy, and additionally involvement bands?

The world-wide-web is actually needless to say having its fun at Collier’s costs. Steinmetz enjoys begun uploading revisions to a Twitter people called Jason Collier Netflix show where consumers recommend stars including Dane make play Collier in a TV tv series.