Besti: an entertaining vr and 2d simulation for grownups. Improve your friend’s sex, appearance, hairstyle, accessories, and much more.

By SMRC, Nov 07, 2021

Besti: an entertaining vr and 2d simulation for grownups. Improve your friend’s sex, appearance, hairstyle, accessories, and much more.


Really personalized

Brand-new styles and appearances include put all the time.

No VR? Not a problem.

Besti works together everything you have. Whilst the ideal feel is through a top-quality VR wireless headset, Besti may be played with a mouse and keyboard, or a cellular cell working Riftcat to emulate VR.

No copyright material

Besti does not ship with any content that we don’t bring a license or agreement over.

While we’re certainly seeking to end up being attracting comic strip pony enthusiasts, we’re not using any possessed by some other person.

assist other people: help your self

Modify the structure file for your pal directly, setup your property household how you wish, plus upcoming variations, create scenes, personality meshes, and much more.

Besti 9 Ability Trailer

Want to see trailers and gameplay video?


Besti is designed to be a sophisticated connection simulation that is not sure to “normal” intimate interest expectations sugar daddies search. Created and crafted by Skunkfrakker–a member of the furry area for more than 20 years–Besti was designed to attract those who are usually overlooked of the higher-end of this adult market.

What is the objective? There’s an important space between cartoon pornography and in actual fact having an intimate commitment with a cartoon character. Besti aims to correct that. New posts working towards that intent are launched each week that incorporate new features, brand-new figures, and brand-new engineering because they’re developed or integrated.

Give it a try to check out the way we’re starting! It really is able to get going whenever you choose to supporting Skunkfrakker, you obtain further characteristics, unique content material, and much more.

Wish help Skunkfrakker out financially therefore he doesn’t always have receive a position doing things more? He’d super be thankful!

Latest posts

Instrument Instructions – Low Poly Liquids

Newest variation: 0 The Besti SDK minimal Poly liquid instrument allows you to generate small body of water having a conventionalized low-poly aim to them. Water itself is entirely shader powered so that it deals with the GPU quickly on all platforms. It immediately adjusts their quality for what an individual provides their Read more about Device Tips Guide – Minimum Poly Liquids […]

Plot records 9.96

Besti 9.96 ================================== ==New Attributes== The pal originator has-been up-to-date with a pal that I’ve become bombarded with via e-mail. We produced all of the add-ons you will need to manufacture something similar to the woman. -A brand new mane (“Hornball”) -A newer end (“Hornball”) -A tennis ball accessories to go on a unicorn find out more about area records 9.96 […]

Patch notes 9.95

Besti 9.95 ================================== ==Core changes== Backported the Besti X wet audio generator data to enhance the moist looks in Besti 9. addressed lots of little pests that have been submitted via e-mail! Thank you for sending these in!

Area notes 9.94

Besti 9.94 ================================== ==New functions== Kirin pal classes have become offered. Kirins are chimera creatures which are an assortment of different creatures like horses, deer, dragons, etc. Accessories happen put into generate Kirin figures, specifically A variety of system kinds A Brand New end that partly hues by itself with Read more about Area notes 9.94 […]

Plot notes 9.93

Besti 9.93 ================================== ==New Attributes== A preview animation from a future regimen the place you let stallions reproduce together with other characters will come in the Animation section world. We vow they’re OK. Got rid of a minor censorship that Patreon helped me devote. Lower memory utilize during startup/removed a big Central Processing Unit spike after Read more about Plot notes 9.93 […]

Area notes 9.92

Besti 9.92 ================================== ==New properties== A collection of brand-new personality customization things happen added. Particularly: another hair style: Redeemed. A long-styled hair redhead hair for horses that desire proceed through a long redemption arc. Bacon colored I could state. A semi-new hairstyle: last Verse’s hair appears truly Read more about area notes 9.92 […]

Plot notes 9.91

Besti 9.91 ================================== ==Bug repairs== set something which could create an accident when going back to the primary eating plan from an untracked VR scene. ==New Features== A unique behavior has been added for male and female family toward Pony on the top place. This Will Be an oral series you are able to do Find Out More about Patch notes 9.91 […]

Besti 9.90 ================================== ==New services== Added three extra spawn-in animated graphics to help make more interesting. Extra an innovative new actions into kneeling position known as Masturbate. This is certainly for female company. The pal fingers herself obtainable. Included another behavior to your kneeling position called Lay Cutely. That is for female pals. Find Out More about Area notes 9.90 […]

Besti 9.89 IWTCIRD ================================== ==Core revisions== Backported the improved submesh handler from Besti X. This has a significant improvement to GPU abilities. ==New properties== The light in hello Cutie and Good Night Cutie was enhanced. Brand new sound pack “Athletic” designed to meet one’s dreams about getting with a pegasus find out more about area notes 9.89 […]

Besti 9.88 ================================== ==New Characteristics== An Innovative New vocals pack has been added known as “Subservient Sweetheart.” This might be a unique male vocals bring both composed and sang (quite expertly) by Dalken. It’s a Besti X set up package, but I grabbed a range from this to lip-sync and come up with a Besti 9 package Read more about spot records 9.88 […]