“no requirement for excellent, minute Lieutenant Wakaba.” Seiji evaluated this model.

By SMRC, Oct 25, 2021

“no requirement for excellent, minute Lieutenant Wakaba.” Seiji evaluated this model.

“If you decide to still believe cold, possible need me personally.”

“and you then’ll welcoming me personally up with your whole body?”

“system, the underworld! Let me supply another cover.”

“you intend to end up being simple layer!?

Seiji am delivered speechless.

Chiaki giggled at her own ruse.

Each of them exchanged glances for some time.

“Good night, Seiji.”

“Good night, Chiaki.”

After claiming good-night to one another, Seiji off the sunshine in family area and gone back to their rooms.

“Harano onii-chan, a present back!”

When he returned to his or her area, he or she bet Reo jumping around and passing him a small present box.

“thanks.” Seiji joyfully acknowledged and unwrapped it.

The current got a small dairy solution rabbit mascot from Honey sweets lady . It absolutely was linked to a string, and had been a suitable size for being hung on his or her cellphone or his or her work desk as a decoration.

“i enjoy this, this really precious,” they shared with her sincerely.

The small female smiled cutely.

After very carefully storing up the small rabbit doll, Seiji turned-off the lighting fixtures and went to sleep.

Then arrived in Reo’s psyche sphere.

The man opened up his own process and checked his [presents] option and experience that he experienced been given numerous returns from Shika’s, Mika’s, and Reo’s presents.

After carefully checking all his reward objects, he sensed about the more particular one of them ended up being –

[Free power usage card], obtained from Shika’s surprise.

Using this one-time-use card, the guy can use any strength of their at no cost to him, without the need for any one of his or her power or Mana, and disregarding any usage limits like lots of times the guy can use they daily. One example is, [illumination from the Brink], that has been merely functional one-time everyday, in the event he or she used it after currently, he can use it once more for a passing fancy morning by using this card!

This individual was given an [hidden attack card] from Mika’s current.

This one-time-use credit will allow your becoming fully hidden until they handled some dwelling beast or people. This problem might be maintained for no more than 2 moments, plus it would be possible for especially those with a really high level of [Astral Vision] to witness your. If the guy assaulted anything life while under this invisibility effects, his or her approach’s strength might possibly be doubled, so he might uncovered later.

This became basically a traditional mixture off some assassin method like “stealth” and “backstab!”

The man obtained a [Damage-canceling safety credit] from Reo’s gifts.

With this one-time-card would allow your to block anybody fight upcoming at your and get zero damage from using it.

He previously best three terms to describe it: life-saving cards! He or she could seriously behave pretentiously employing this to block some opposing forces’s ultimate strength.

Beyond those 3 poster, the others had been some stat-raising poster including things that experienced about amazing impacts.

Seiji gratefully acknowledged all of their ideas.

They instantly employed all stat-raising playing cards he had got, which enhanced their [Art], [Charisma], and [Spiritual electric power] statistics respectively.

After that, the guy sealed his method and did start to apply growing.

After the man satisfied the progress requirements and settled the specified things, Seiji mastered [Beginner-level Healing].

Seiji well rested period, he then utilized the same old way of jumping-off the degree to go away Reo’s psyche world.

As he woke upwards, this individual received right up carefully to perhaps not wake up Reo, acquired up out of bed, don his jacket, and strolled off his place.

They stepped up to the living room area, and unearthed that Chiaki had not been present!

The front home would be available.

Seiji walked outdoors to check out the silver-haired beauty standing outdoors, silently monitoring evening air with her took fabric cover cover the lady shoulders.

The snowfall experienced halted dropping today, in addition to the moon have appeared. It was illuminating things with a gentle gold radiance.

Under this color moon, a silver-haired lady was searching for inside the air… this stage felt beautiful and poetic to Seiji.

He walked to the side, and quietly considered the evening air coupled with this lady.

After a minute of quiet.

“we discover myself,” Chiaki believed softly. “I didn’t rest including Mika, because we appear that I would be struggling to sleep tonight. I ought to need came back household, but I absolutely did not like to turn back… therefore I could best disturb you later this evening. Well, used to do need experiences what it decided to get to sleep on tatami pads by a kotatsu ‘s part nicely… at the very least, Having been merely are willful. I am sorry for virtually any bother I could have ignited a person.”

Seiji featured towards the.

“I didn’t discover everything in particular, and am just so you can would whenever you pleased.

We arrived on the scene in the middle of the night to check on one because I became stressed if you would feel frigid. I’m sure as possible be some willful at times, and it’s good. Easily thought that you were saying things ridiculous, I’d touch upon they. Easily thought that you had been doing things ridiculous, I’d stop you using metal fists of justice. In addition, on another palm, assuming I would not imagine it is things Christian dating service irrational, let me cooperate together with you, or help you, or escort a person.”

Seiji smiled softly. “So, this is why do not apologize, nor lose on your own excessively in loneliness… The phrase of a lady direct from a loss story isn’t going to suit you whatsoever, Chiaki.”